Medical Plans

One of the unique aspects of FijiCare is that if offers varying levels of Health and Life Insurance coverage to meet customer needs. In other words, a policy can be tailored to suit your individual requirements.

FijiCare Insurance offers coverage for the individual, the family or for groups.

FijiCare offers three different levels of Health Care Coverage Plans

A basic policy, which provides treatment at Government Operated Hospitals, Medical Evacuation Benefit, Outpatient Care, Funeral Benefits and Optical and Dental Care Plans.
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Silver Plan offers the same benefits as to the Bronze Plan, but includes kidney stone and gall stone treatment at the Suva Private Hospital.
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It is our executive health insurance plan that offers Day Care Services, Hospitalisation at the Suva Private Hospital Overseas Medical Evacuation Benefit, Funeral Benefit and Optical and Dental Care Plans.
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