Silver Plan

FijiCare Insurance Limited provides superior efficient services and affordable healthcare benefits for the people of Fiji.

We provide the best medical plans for:

  • Silver Hospitalisation plan (Compulsory)
  • Outpatient Nominated
  • Silver Optical
  • Silver Dental
Your Benefits


Overseas medical evacuation where the medical practitioner chosen by FijiCare certifies the need for a treatment, which is not available locally. FijiCare will evacuate the patient to a preferred hospital in India. FijiCare will make all necessary arrangement including airfare, accommodation and meals. If a accompany relative or medical attendant is medical necessary and approved by by FijiCare, we will pay for the expenses.


FJ$170,000 per disability



In any other hospital arranged by you either in New Zealand, Australia or India, FijiCare will reimburse the equivalent cost from our preferred hospitals in India.


Local Hospitalisation

Medical treatment expenses incurred as a bed patient in any Government operated hospital in Fiji. If treatment is not available in any Government Hospitals, FijiCare requires a letter of confirmation from the Ministry of Health to confirm that treatment is not available and we will refer the patient to the Suva Private Hospital for treatment.

FJ$15,000 per disability



Daycare treatment

Treatment at any private clinic or at the FijiCare Medical Center if treatment is not available through Government hospital. *Treatment for gall stones/kidney stones will be undertaken at Suva Private Hospital.



Outpatient Nominated (optional)

This plan will cover you for consultation with your nominated doctor within our penal of doctors and prescription to the pharmacy within our penal of pharmacies .


Your Benefits

Optical Care (Optional)

This is a reimbursement plan, which covers 85% of the total cost charged.


FJ$300.00 per person per annum


Dental Care (Optional)

This is a reimbursement plan, which covers 85% of the total cost charged.

FJ$500.00 per person per annum


Funeral Policy

This is a death only benefit.

World wide cover

Death by any cause followed by a funeral. The benefits are payable on the event of the funeral. This is subject to 75% of the membership joining the scheme and a minimum of 50 members in any group scheme.

Age band for sums insured

20 to 30 years - FJ$12,000

31 to 39 years - FJ$10,000

40 to 45 years - FJ$8,000

46 to 49 years - FJ$6,500

50 to 55 years - FJ$5,000

56 to 60 years - FJ$2,500

61 to 65 years - FJ$1,500

Who's covered?
  • Policy holder and the legal spouse of the Insured, other than a legally separated spouse.
  • An Insured’s unmarried or legally adopted child whose age ranges between fourteen (14) days and under nineteen (19) years and who is totally dependent on the Insured for support.
  • An Insured’s unmarried child or legally adopted child over the age of nineteen (19) years and under the age of twenty two (22) years if attending full time college or university and who is totally dependent on the Applicant for support.
Terms & Conditions
  • Maximum age limit is 65 years.
  • Pre-existing conditions not covered.
  • Maximum age of entry is 50 years and we cover till 65 years for all level of cover Bronze, Silver and Gold.
  • Full medical examination is required by prospocts 35 years old or more.
  • Pre-Existing and related conditions are not covered
  • All other exclusions of the policy applies and can be found on our medical quotes.
Major Exclusions Under Hospitalisation Plan
  • All Congenital conditions.
  • Palliative Treatment.
  • All conditions related to HIV.
  • All conditions related to Sexually Transmitted Diseases.
  • Any sickness or illness which occurs while traveling outside the Geographical Limits of Fiji.
  • Pre-existing condition not covered.
Major Exclusions Under Outpatient Plan
  • Confirmed long-term disorders such as Asthma, Hypertension or Diabetes, vitamins and dietary supplements.
  • Over the Counter Drugs.
  • X-rays and blood tests.
  • Prescriptions & pharmaceutical benefits for confirmed long term conditions including Asthma, Diabetes & Hypertension.
Funeral Benefits
Age of Member

20 to 30 years

31 to 39 years

40 to 45 years

46 to 49 years

50 to 55 years

56 to 60 years

61 to 65 years

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Amount Payable upon Death of Insured Member