Term Life
Term Life/Total and Permanent Disability

This is an Annual Renewable Insurance Plan and cover is world wide, 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.

Death Benefit
  • Covers for death by any cause which occurs while traveling in and outside of the Republic of Fiji except for the causes stipulated under the exclusion clause as below.
  • Pays out the full sum insured in the event of the member’s death.
Total and Permanent Disability Benefit
  • Pays out the sum insured depending on the medical report stating if the member is certified 100% and incapable of ever again attending to his/her normal occupation or to any occupation for which he/she is reasonably fitted by knowledge, training or experience.
  • Six months waiting period prior to sending the member for full medical examination.
Non –Medical Underwriting Guidelines must be followed in respect of Individual/ Group Life & TPD business written by FijiCare Insurance Company.
Age/Sum Insured 16 - 35 36 - 45 46 - 50 51 - 55 56 - 65
Up to FJ $30,000 A A A A+B A+B
FJ $30,000 TO FJ $100,000 A + B A + B A + B + C A + B + C A + B + C + D
FJ $100,000 TO FJ $250,000 A + B + C A + B + C A + B + C A + B + C + D A + B + C + D
FJ $250,000 TO FJ $300,000 A + B + C + D A + B + C + D A + B + C + D A + B + C + D A + B + C + D
A = Proposal Form  
B = Medical Examination  
C = ECG  
D = Blood Profile including HIV Test  

The maximum sum insured for a member is FJD$300,000 as per the table and must not exceed more than four times their annual salary.

  • Member has attained the age of 18 years but is not over 60 at his late birthday.
  • Not a hospital patient and did not suffer from a medical condition for which he could otherwise have claimed for TPD benefits at entry.
  • The anniversary of an insured member’s entry date at which he attains or has attained the age of sixty five (65)..
Term Life/TPD Exclusions

No benefits are payable under this policy if entitlement to claim results directly or indirectly from.

  • War whether declared or not or services in armed forces of any country or international organization, invasion, acts of foreign enemies, civil commotion, rebellion, insurrection and military or usurped power
  • Aviation other than as a fare paying passenger on a regularly scheduled aircraft flight.
  • The insured person committing unlawful act
  • Suicide (whether sane or insane) or any deliberately self inflicted injury causing death in the first 24 months from the inception of this policy
  • Nuclear, chemical, biological terrorism acts
  • Pre-exiting conditions not covered.