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Term Life

Life cover is also known as life insurance or death cover. It is a way of protecting your family's financial future. A lump-sum payment in the event of your death is paid to your choice of beneficiary. Life cover provides much needed financial security in a time of uncertainty. The lump-sum payment can help your family to cover mortgage payments, school fees, bills, groceries, other living expenses and funeral costs. The loss of a loved one is enough to deal with and the last thing you want your family to worry about at a time like that is their finances. Life cover gives you the peace of mind of knowing that they will be taken care of if you are no longer around. The cover applies 24 hours a day and for insured events that occur anywhere in the world. Once you are accepted, as long as you pay your premiums, we guarantee to renew your Life cover until your 65th birthday.


Note that FijiCare Insurance Limited only offers this cover to groups and the maximum sum insured is FJD300,000.00. Also, minors cannot take up this cover hence eligibility age is from 18 years to 65 years.


Upon receipt of due proof of the death of any Insured member, FijiCare Insurance Limited will require the following documents for assessment of a claim:

  • Original or certified “Birth Certificate”.
  • Original or certified “Certificate of Death”.
  • Original completed “Death Claim Form”.
  • Original or certified “Marriage Certificate”.
  • Statutory declaration if the name on the “Certificate of Death” is not the same as that indicated on the birth certificate.
  • Letter from employer with the details to confirm that the deceased was a permanent employee, state the date on which he commenced employment with the company, salary, sum insured, and the date on which he was last at work.